Welcome to the page where I describe my self and my intentions with this site.

I am an embedded Linux developer and I normally work with:

  • Linux kernel development (device drivers and board support)
  • Boot-loaders (U-boot, Barebox, GRUB and more)
  • Build systems (Yocto/OE-core, Buildroot)
  • Hardware bring-up
  • Software updates

Above is often referred to as “Board Support Package” development. I would probably stretch my scope to middle-ware application development but no further. I enjoy working close to hardware and my desk usually has a pile of cables and various boards underneath the pile.

I am passionate about open-source as this is a big part of my everyday work life and I am proud to be involved and have contributed to various projects and I will continue doing it for a long time I believe.

My passion for open-source is one of the biggest reason on why I decided to start this site as I believe in sharing and I would not have been here today if other people did not share their knowledge in various forms. Now it is time for me to share some of my knowledge and hopefully it will be helpful to someone. I am also hoping to learn from my readers and any feedback (good/bad) is more then welcome.

I will mostly focus on writing three types of posts:

  • Tutorials (tips and tricks)
  • Evaluations of different open-source projects/tools for embedded Linux
  • Misc open-source related topics

If you have any interesting topics that you would like me to cover or research please get in touch and I will take it in to consideration.